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Equipped 4 Life is a 501c3 that was founded by current Bishop's 2022 student Calvin Belmonte-Ryu in 2016. As an athlete who was always playing a sport growing up, Calvin couldn't imagine life without sports. This drove him to start Equipped 4 bring the joy of sports to as many kids as possible.


In 2019 Jackson Landa, also a Bishop's 2022 student, joined Equipped 4 Life as a co-founder. He believes firmly in Equipped 4 Life’s mission and has helped to distribute and collect equipment from all over San Diego. 

Sports are important for mental and physical health, teamwork, staying out of trouble, and obviously they are fun. All kids should be able to experience the advantages of sports. So far, Equipped 4 Life has donated hundreds of pieces of used sports equipment and thousands of dollars of new sports equipment to kids at boys and girls clubs. 

We have done 5 distributions of sports equipment and donated over $10,000 of used and new sports equipment to local boys and girls club.

On January 18, 2017, we made our first contribution through National City Boys & Girls Club. A portion of the equipment will be used by the organization for important health and fitness programs; the rest was taken home by local kids.

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