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Our next big project in progress is to build a turf field in association with Project Edeline for Institut Edeline - a school in Haiti

We are excited for our next venture with Project Edeline. We are raising $100,000 to build a turf field for Institute Edeline, a Pre K to 7th grade school in Haiti. This school was created for homeless and orphaned kids after the disastrous 2010 earthquake in Haiti. This field will be used by the kids who attend Institute Edeline and as well as by many more people from the community.


Currently these students are playing on an inadequate space- an uneven, dirt area with spots of grass, which is littered with rocks. This field will allow hundreds of kids who can't attend Institute Edeline to play soccer on a field as well. This field will be a place of community where everyone can gather and have fun. There will be bleachers for parents, adults, and other kids to watch. Sports are a necessity to physical and mental well being and build many life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.


Along with building the field we are going to be sponsoring the equipment for a community soccer league for the next ten years. This league will also need coaches and referees which will be paid by Equipped 4 Life, creating jobs for unemployed adults in Haiti.

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