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Equipped 4 Life Meets with Project Edeline

On Monday, January 11th, Equipped 4 Life met with the members of the Project Edeline club at Bishop's for the first time. A brief introductory slideshow by Calvin Belmonte-Ryu explained Equipped 4 Life's goals with the Field of Dreams project and led into an exciting brainstorm centered around fundraising.

The basic idea behind our fundraising plan is the individual. Ambassadors, students interested in the project and representing Equipped 4 Life, will assemble a list of potential donors and decide on a way to fundraise. Ambassadors will then ask donors to match whatever amount they make from their fundraiser. With this plan, we hope to amplify the money accrued by the conventional bake sale to levels more attuned to our goal.

With over 30 ambassadors, we believe we'll be adding to add to our $1500 from previous fundraisers fairly quickly. In fact, we've already got the ball rolling. With a great idea from ambassador and Bishop's 2023 student Emily Zhou, our funds may more than double by the week's end, bringing us one step closer to helping the students of Institute Edeline.

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